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Real-time Online Aircraft Valuations

VREF Online offers subscribers access to a complete database of over 450 aircraft models, including piston fixed-wing,  turbine, and turbo-prop fixed-wing, turbine, and piston helicopters, commercial narrow-body, warbirds, experimental, light-sport, regional transport, as well asstand-alonee engines.Anyone looking to buy, sell, insure, or loan on an aircraft should subscribe to VREF Online.

USPAP Compliant Appraisals

VREF Appraisal Services provides comprehensive valuations to determine an aircraft’s Current Market Value and/or Forecasted Residual Value, giving our clients accurate figures and projections. We offer Appraisal products for all aircraft including; Business Jets, Turbine/Piston Helicopters, Commercial Jets, Regional / Commuter and Piston aircraft. We also specialize in Engines, Spares, Inventories, Support Equipment, Fixed Base Operations, Antique or Museum aircraft and artifacts.

The CarFax® for Aircraft

VREF Verified is an on-demand opinion of value report that includes a Certificate of Evaluation, and background check. It was created to assist buyers and aviation professionals with up to date, accurate information to help them decide whether or not to buy a specific aircraft. Each report contains information about whether the aircraft in question has been damaged, what the true market value is, how many previous owners, market history and much, much more.

Litigation and Expert Witness Services

VREF Litigation Consulting offers Litigation and Expert Witness support. VREF provides superior investigative skills, in-depth knowledge, and expertise. Services include deposition and deposition support, consulting witness, and testifying in court. Our staff of appraisers has testified in U.S. Federal Court, and are trusted by numerous Aircraft Manufacturers, Banks, and the leading law firms in the USA.

VREF is being redesigned
from the ground up!

Be on the lookout for a 2019 launch.

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